The People Mobility Alliance brings together like-minded individuals who put people at the center of their activities. We believe that fostering cultural diversity and leveraging the latest technologies relieves the world of business from the need for borders.

What is People Mobility?

Global Mobility, or expatriate management, is no longer a purely administrative corporate concern. The employee experience continues to increase in importance. The rise of the gig-economy with its digital nomads & freelancers, and the staggering pace of technological advancements have made it possible to work from anywhere. This requires businesses to adopt a new mindset in terms of what it means “to be at work”. Add to this the effect of global megatrends, such as climate change, sustainable thinking, mass migrations of those actively searching for economic, physical and mental well-being, and it is easy to see that cultural adaptability is needed on a scale never before seen in business. In a nutshell, mobility needs the focus on people.

People Mobility Alliance

The People Mobility Alliance brings together like-minded people from companies of all sizes and industries, freelancers, researchers, governmental representatives and more to challenge them to rethink people mobility and shape it for the future. The alliance promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences, supports new business opportunities among its members, and provides insights into trends.

The Initiators

“Why, how, and where we work is changing. It is our ambition to bridge the gap in the understanding of this between companies and employees. By bringing people together, we can create a new framework for mobility that is at once more rewarding to those living it as it is beneficial to the businesses enabling it.”

Daniel Zinner

Daniel is a global workforce consultant, podcaster and investor. Cultural diversity and global collaboration have been his passion for more than 20 years. He has worked in Global Mobility for various corporations in many different countries, but is currently based in Berlin, where he enjoys the city’s creativity, diversity and open mindset.

Mira Pathak

Mira currently works for AIRINC in Germany and has been working in Global Mobility since 2006. Of German-Indian origin, she has lived and worked in different countries but spent the majority of her working life in London before moving back to her native Germany in 2019. She believes that personal connection and experiences are the key to successful business interactions. And that even in business, it’s the person behind the employee that makes all the difference.



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